Classy Budget Friendly Wireless Mouse: EPLUGIT WM111 W

If you are a gamer or just someone who works on a computer for personal or professional purposes, wireless items are always in huge trend. I think you got the topic for today’s article on yes, I am going to share about a wireless mouse with a detailed review.


With this guide, I will help you to in finding a fully functional and reliable wireless mouse over the Internet. After getting the one, it will save your time, money, and space as it would be wireless 🙂

Differences Between a Wireless, Bluetooth, and Corded Mouse

Wireless mice connect to other devices via Radio Frequency (RF) or we can say it WiFi in general words. To connect a mouse, you have a USB connector that comes along with the mouse and you need to plug it into a USB port.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, connects to the mouse via a receiver that’s already built into the computer, for this, you must have a Bluetooth driver installed on your PC or laptop.

And, the corded mouse, you know everything about it. It comes with a corded wire and the length of the wire may vary and depends on the brand. This type of mouse doesn’t need any WiFi signal or driver.

Why I Like EPLUGIT Wireless Mouse WM111 W

In short, I liked the design and the available colors of ePlugit Wireless Mouse WM111 W. The mouse was designed for both hands and it comes in 5-6 colors that are pretty cool and you can buy according to your laptop color. I have its white color that looks cool.

Wireless Mouse

I bought the ePlugit Wireless Mouse WM111 W from Amazon and it costed me around Rs. 450 only. I think I got this item for a good price while other brands offer wireless mouse for a higher price. The delivery was fast and the packaging from the seller was perfect.

Features of Eplugit Wireless Mouse

1. Operating System

As it is compatible with both Mac and windows computers, you don’t need to worry about replacing this mouse when using different operating systems. I am using this mouse on Windows 10 and I didn’t anything wrong and it is working perfectly.

2. Mouse Shape

Wireless Mouse

As I said I liked the design. The shape was designed so that you can operate it with both hands. The ePlugit mouse can be used by anyone, making it a popular choice in workplaces and schools where left-handed or right-handed people may be using the same mouse at different times.

3. Button Options

Mice can have various buttons, with the basics being the familiar left and right mouse buttons. Almost all modern mice also come with a scroll wheel, which is classified as a button as well. So, this ePlugit wireless mouse has all of these buttons.

4. Battery

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice require batteries, but the type of batteries and their overall lifespan will depend on the intensity and frequency of the day-to-day usage of the mouse. ePlugit Mouse comes with an in-built battery and the company says:

“The top class chip, 5 times power saving than ordinary mouse, standby time is over 24 months. The best power management makes you enjoy wireless life without power interruption in a long time.”

Final Thoughts on ePlugit Wireless Mouse WM111 W

Overall, I am satisfied with the product and happy with the work, smoothness, color, and shape of the mouse. If you are looking for a wireless mouse, I highly recommend you to must try this wireless mouse for your laptop or PC and it will give a classy look.

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