The Environment & Construction Trends in 2021

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Since the pandemic hit the globe in the first quarter of 2020, we witnessed a major shift in people’s interests towards home renovation and construction trends. That said, with the first quarter of 2021 has passed, we have seen a steady climb of the construction industry becoming more and more resilient with the integration of innovative software and tools, such as the construction project management software. 

The Environment & Construction Trends

Green construction trends are emerging in 2021 as sustainable construction is gaining popularity around the globe. Even in the face of the ongoing pandemic, the green construction market is growing each day. By now, more than $70 billion have been spent by consumers, companies, and businesses on green construction.

After spending the last year (2020) spreading public awareness on Covoid-19 and battling and controlling the virus, the environment has become the number one concern of the globe. The pandemic has impacted people’s lives, the global economy, and different industries, including the construction industry.

Subsequently, nearly all businesses, including the construction businesses, have adapted to the ongoing changes in resources, cash flow, social distancing, adjustments in supply chains, and so on, which has caused all business sectors and global industries to prioritize the people’s welfare and protection.

The pandemic has made cities more sustainable as social distancing was made mandatory worldwide, and everyone was required within the safety of their homes. However, on the other hand, it also led to numerous environmental issues, such as an increase in discarded face masks and protective medical equipment. Subsequently, with an increased awareness of the environment-related problems, the need for sustainable trends also increased, which led to a greater demand for green construction trends. 

Government Support & Green Construction Projects

When it comes to going green and sustainable construction projects, government support has always played an essential role in the past few years. That said, in 2021, we will see more partnership between politicians, business leaders, and construction companies for building green. In simple words, the integration of green construction projects and energy sustainability will depend on a country’s government and politicians’ commitment in 2021 through the integration of incentives backed by the government.

For cost-effective construction projects, we can expect most wind and solar projects to link with government-driven construction projects. The regions, states, and areas with higher capital income will partner with less capital income regions to reduce costs and stimulate economic expansion. Governments will also be focusing more on the reduction of electricity costs and the integration of solar and wind-powered construction projects, which are way cheaper than the integration of fossil fuel plants. 

The Integration of Green Materials

The integration of green materials in construction projects will be the new black in 2021, which also boosts the idea of green-building. The term green-building refers to the integration of fewer resources during the different steps of designing and constructing.

Green construction aims to have minimal waste and a boost in productivity, and a safer environment. You will find a variety of LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) construction materials, such as wood, bamboo, natural fiber, stone, fiberglass, cellulose, composites, earthbags, and fiber cement. 

The Integration of Living Materials

Another green construction trend that will be on the rise in 2021 is the inclusion of living materials, which is also quite unique yet exciting. The integration of living materials includes the basic biological compounds, i.e., bacteria and fungi. That said, you can expect to witness self-mending concrete and other construction material that will be capable of binding itself in a new material form in case it gets damaged. Thus, with the emergence and integration of living materials in green construction, impermeability will become an integral part of construction projects.  

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