10 Effective Ways to Promote a Product

Promote a Product
Promote a Product
Promote a Product

How to drive traffic to your store’s product pages and build brand awareness? How to become as popular a site as 20bet.com/no. The options Cassandra Campbell offers on the Shopify Marketplace blog are powerful. Check it out!

1. Getting Into Gift Guides

What do you do when you’re trying to find a good gift idea? Do you Googlegift ideas for coworkersorunique birthday gifts“? Then do you browse through the piles of gift guides, i.e., “what to givearticles, that popped up in the results?

If so, it’s already clear to you how useful it would be to include your products (and a hyperlink to your site) in such articles.

2. Offer Affiliate Promotion Commissions

Affiliate programs usually work by creating an individual URL for each person promoting your products. They can share that link on social media, on a blog, in a video review of your product on YouTube. With custom links, you keep track of who brought in a customerand pay each one their own.

3. Give Your Product to the Press and Bloggers for Reviews

Instead of sending out newsletters and press releases, ask if you can give publication samples of your product in exchange for a review or review article about the product with a hyperlink to your store.

4. Streaming

There are many ways to promote your products and store using live online Periscope streaming. In particular, it’s promising to use Periscope to:

  • A video showcasing your products in a use environment from all anglescoupled with online answers right in the frame to additional customer questions (sent by them in the comments under the stream).

  • Showing thebehind the scenesof your companyunique aspects, funny moments, the personal dimension of your business, “introducingcustomers to your team and mission.

5. Regularly Writing Interesting Posts on the Store Blog

Blogging is a great way to promote your store. With the right approach, blogging can be an effective way to attract traffic and promote a lifestyle around your products.

6. Striving to Get onWish Listson Pinterest

This makes this social network a great place to promote products.

What’s convenient, pins (saved photo pages) on Pinterest boards tend not to get lost with people (as happens with thousands of bookmarks with product pages in your browsertry finding that dress whose page you saved six months ago in your pile of bookmarks!).

7. Promoting Products on Facebook

Billions of people are on Facebook, and as an advertising platform, it offers very targeted options for running paid ads. Facebook Custom Audiences, in particular, are a useful way to advertise products.

8. Sell Directly on Facebook

You can take your Facebook marketing a step further by adding a Facebook Shop Section to your Facebook page. This option allows people who discover your products on Facebook to go there and buy them.

9. Post Colorfully on Instagram Every Day

You can share engaging images of your products, share videos of products in the medium of use, run a contest, or reach out to influential Instagram accounts and ask them to share a review of your product.

10. Post Product Videos Regularly to Your YouTube Channel


You don’t need to create a viral video to get results on YouTube. You can still promote your products with traditional helpful videos. After all, more and more people are searching for products directly on YouTube.

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