Decorative pillows as a way to decorate the interior

When home improvements are ready, it is time to decorate the house and make it a cozy place where you would wish to come back. Decor elements allow you to give your home an exceptional look. Textile decor items are perfect for this task. Decorative pillows come to the fore when creating coziness.

Decorative pillows

Pillows of various sizes and colors can liven up the space and make your home sparkle with new colors and get a refresh, even if you don’t change anything in the interior or buy new furniture. Pillows in the interior serve two important functions: they give an aesthetic appearance to your interior and serve a practical function. In one part of the house, they can be placed as an addition to the style, and in another part, they can be used as a tool for relaxation and sleep.

Options for using decorative pillows in decor

Interior details made of textiles are of great importance in the design of various areas of the house. They can be placed in the play area for a child, on a couch in the bedroom, or a seating area on the loggia. The play area will sparkle with new colors and will delight your child if there are bright design pillows with images of their favorite cartoon characters. AllAboutVibe offers a wide variety of soft pillows for your home interior.

decorative pillows in decor

The methods of assigning decorative pillows are multifaceted. They are used for:

  • Decorating sofas in the living room;
  • Decoration of beds in the bedroom, which, together with the bedspread, will create a single composition;
  • Head pads to relax your neck;
  • Footpads to relieve stress from your back after a hard day at work;
  • Comfortable sitting on hard wooden surfaces, kitchen chairs.

Pillows can be used to accentuate the style of your apartment or room. Colorful images of ethnic motives draw attention to the decoration of the house in an oriental style. Pillows with prints of flowers and plants accentuate the Provence style. Geometric shapes and combinations are used to decorate the house in the style of modern urbanism.

Types of decorative pillows

Pillows are in great demand and that is why there are entire categories of pillows that vary in shape, size, volume, and color.

The standard type of soft pillow is the shape of a square, circle, or rectangle. Their sizes can be from up to 70 cm. For different interiors, pillows can be both voluminous and flat. Pillowcases can be made both in one color scheme and in a variegated multicolor.

The designer’s imagination is used to decorate the covers. Pillow decorations can be very different. The design can use a whole storyline, space, and geometric patterns, oriental ornaments, or a compositional combination to match various interior items.

Also, non-standard textile decor items are often used in interior design. These include magnificent custom pillows in the form of various birds, animals, pastries, pets, flowers. 

In addition to various types of prints and colors, pillows can be decorated with some decorative items: beads, satin ribbons, buttons, rhinestones, etc. Such decoration is often used precisely to create an aesthetic appearance of a room and to emphasize its details. Even a small number of catchy and non-standard pillows can visibly revive even the most austere interior.

Pillow placement

Pillow placement

More often, homeowners decorate the interior with pillows, placing them on sofas or beds. You can also use a more non-standard approach for their placement. An unconventional method allows you to diversify the space, create a kind of different picture of the appearance of an apartment or room. You can use pillows of different sizes on one piece of furniture, or choose identical in shape, but different in size, make one large composition of a large number of pillows, arrange the pillows by color. In this matter, you can show your creativity and vision of things. Don’t be afraid to take non-standard approaches. Experiment until you find one that suits your temperament better. Your imagination will allow you to create an atmosphere in your home that will express your personality and preferences.

It is difficult to compose a visual range when you have the same type of pillows in size, shape, and color. By choosing pillows from different categories, you can customize the areas of your home.

Stylish color of pillows in the decor

Soft pillows can serve a number of functions in your decor. On the one hand, they create a unique image of the interior of your apartment and emphasize the style that prevails in one or another part of the house.

Stylish color of pillows

If you are a fan of oriental motives, then you probably know that this style is characterized by the richness of decorative elements and ornaments. Multicolored patterns, multicomponent elements – this is what is inherent in the East. Dynamically looking textile accessories with arabesques, seafood, paisley, and other ethnic decors will instantly fill the space with sunny colors and oriental flavor.

Country style can be accentuated by decorative pillows that create an atmosphere of nature and a connection with it. This style is characterized by natural textiles and pastel colors. The collection of pillows can be made of cotton, linen, burlap. The country style is about simplicity, and to diversify the space, you can choose a pillow print with wildflowers in discreet shades.

Variations of decorative pillows are very diverse. For every interior style, pillows of different shapes, sizes, and colors can be found to emphasize harmony. Removable pillow cases allow you to change the look of the interior if you get bored. When choosing decorative pillows, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and show your imagination.

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