Data Shows Work from Home Skills in Demand

Since the start of the pandemic, the business world has had to adapt to a digital workspace and remote workforce. Career paths have changed, as has the way business is done day-to-day. A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud combined data from LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise report and a survey of 750 new professionals to learn what skills and careers are in high demand now. Results show an overwhelming need for work-from-home professionals who possess various skills and competencies in the digital realm. Here are some key takeaways from that report and insights into which skills are most important when entering the job market in 2022.

Hard and Soft Skills

Hard and soft skills are essential for success in any professional environment. Hard skills can be measured, such as your time working with a specific tool or your experience in the industry. Soft skills are not measurable and could include communication, time management, organization, and your ability to work with others. Soft skills are just as critical as hard skills to be a competitive candidate and an effective employee. Developing hard and soft skills is key to launching a successful career in any industry.


The Adobe Creative Cloud study determined the most in-demand skills 2022 employers were searching for in new hires. “Our Student Outcomes research found that the volume of new hires with creative skills has grown 78% over the past two years.” Creativity is a highly sought-after skill in 2022, with nearly every industry requiring increasingly competitive and creative thinking to get ahead and stand out in the market. Creativity is a soft skill that can be improved over time, but hard skills for creativity are also essential and could include your writing, design, or software efficiency. Creative thinking is necessary across all industries as the demand for new solutions, flexible thinking, and more efficient workflows increases.

Visual Communication & Design

As more business is done online, companies worldwide are competing for the attention of online consumers. Whether through social media, targeted advertising, or simply a google search, businesses need an eye-catching digital presence to stay competitive. Visual design competency can range from learning how to make an engaging sales deck to designing effective infographics and video editing. Depending on the field and role you are applying for, improving your visual design skills can include learning new design software, familiarizing yourself with the features of a presentation tool, or simply taking an online course that offers you insight into a new area of visual design that you can apply to your new role.

Diversify Your Knowledge

Prepare your skillset and resume for the career you want by diversifying your knowledge and learning new skills before entering the job market. Job applicants who developed professional skills while getting their education were more likely to land higher-paying jobs. Further, those professionals who possess skills and insights that can be applied beyond the scope of their designated role were consistently more competitive candidates. Familiarizing yourself with the industry and the bigger picture of your company, rather than simply the responsibilities of your position, can help you get ahead in the workplace and present you with more significant opportunities for promotion.

To be a competitive job applicant in 2022, you need to improve your digital competencies and creative skills. There are many opportunities to take online courses to diversify your knowledge and learn new hard and soft skills. Launch the career you want at a competitive salary by becoming a highly sought-after new hire. 

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