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CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development that is available online over the Internet. We specifically work in the education field, especially Online Education. As you know digitization is increasing day by day. In this continuous change, online platforms are being developed rapidly. And if we talk about education, online education portals are getting huge traffic.


But our main concern is whether they are providing good quality education or not. As we know that the condition of education is deteriorating every other day in our country. This is due to a lack of awareness among people. The employment ratio is also worsening. The main point of concern is that people are not able to understand the difference between education and quality education.

What is CPD – Read Online

As we all know that nowadays there is a lot of competition in every field. In this case, we need quality education so that we can stand out from the crowd.


That is why CPD is in online-demand and its main aim is to provide quality education to everyone at doorsteps. In this online platform, you can study all subjects at home. You will get the best learning platforms from the best teachers and experts.

It will be really helpful to students and teachers living in villages. Still, in many areas, we don’t have good schools, colleges, and enough resources to study. For all those who want to study and don’t have enough resources, it is going to be a boon.

Mission of CPD

Our mission is to spread awareness about good quality learning all over the country. We are focusing on distance learning. The people who can’t attend classroom education due to some reasons will get benefit from CPD.


Our mission is to reach every child whether he/she is in school or not. Anybody can study any subject at any time from anywhere. It doesn’t matter how old you are if you want to learn you can.

How to Get CPD Certification

CPD also provides certifications which are acceptable everywhere. We are doing something different in the certification process. We are having a fixed schedule and time when a candidate needs to appear for the certification. There is a need to attend it with a serious mentality. Every action and step will be counted.


Suppose you or your child taking the class and not paying attention, then the system will recognize it. If you are not active on the window or opening another window in between, then it will automatically get the stop. So you need to attend the course seriously. Also, at the end of the course, you will receive an assessment test. You have to qualify it with minimum marks, then only you will receive the certificate.

Benefits of CPD Online Certification

There are many benefits of CPD online certification. You will get your dashboard with CPD online login. By CPD login you can access your account accordingly.


1. You can get career advancement and show your hobbies in a particular subject.
2. You get a flexible schedule and environment.
3. It costs you lower and debts.
4. You learn self-discipline and responsibility
5. You also get more choice and course topics available.

How To Learn Online on CPD?

We all know that there are various ways of online learning or e-learning like pdf files, videos, presentations (ppt) and live classes. So, CPD offers you all these things at a single place and you can learn in your way. If you like to learn from videos, you can watch videos. If you want to learn from pdf files, you can read content online via pdf files. But, there is a high level of security for the content and you can’t download pdf files or edit pdf files online.

How To Register Online on CPD

Most of the websites over the Internet have 2 options at the home page or in the menu that are: Register/Signup and Log in/Sign in.

Source: StudyKhazana

But, as per these website guidelines, there is no option for user registration whether it is a student or a teacher. So, you can not create an account on this website directly. If you want to have an account, you need to follow one the following process:

  1. Buy a Course online and then log in credentials
  2. Contact Sales/Support/Admin and get login credentials.

How To Login to CPD Online

Step 1: At first, you need to visit the home page or any other page of the official website.

Step 2: Now, there is an option to Login to your account. You need to enter the login credentials you received in the mail.

Step 3: After login successfully, you will go to your dashboard and here, you can check all your purchased courses, time duration, certificates, and other stats.

This process is very simple. If you will face any issue, then customer support is also available. You can contact us anytime.

Why CPD Online

We are famous for our unbeatable and best services. CPD knows the value of your precious time and the competitive market. A better future starts here. So don’t be late and invest your valuable time at CPD and learn from an experienced educator. Most welcome to the online world of e-learning and certifications.

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