11 Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks You should Know

One of the most underrated features of Windows is command Prompt. I don’t know why but most of the users don’t know how to use it. In this article, we are going to share the 11 most important and must remember Command Prompt tricks.


How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator

We will explain the easiest method to open cmd prompt as administrator. Just follow the instruction below:

  • Click Start.
  • Type cmd or Command Prompt.
  • Now you can see Command prompt option listed in the result.
  • Right-click the top result, and select Run as Administrator.
  • Boom, You will get a cmd screen now where you can run any command which requires Admin privilege.

What is Command Prompt (cmd.exe):

Command Prompt (Cmd.exe) is a text-based user interface for an Operating system. Cmd act as a command-line interpreter through which you can solve troubleshoot problem easily.

Script and batch files are used to automate the task processed by the given command. You can perform many actions through this.

Best Command Prompt Hacks:

1. Run Multiple Commands:

If you want to run two commands at the same time. you can try the “&&” operator between the commands.

Just put a space between Cmd and operator. This will save time and you can do multiple tasks at the same time.

2. How to start the browser from CMD:

If you want to open any browser from Command Prompt then here is simple cmd to open the browser.

Just type below command as per your requirement.

start “” iexplore
start “” firefox
start “” chrome

and if you want to open any particular web link then you can try this command:

start www.geekyarea.com

This command will help you to open any website link from the command prompt to your default browser.

3. Copy Command Prompt Output to Clipboard:

Many times users want to save the output of the command prompt for future reference. They usually take a screenshot of the terminal and use it everywhere which is a little bit annoying.

So we are here to share a command prompt with the help of which you can copy the output and save it to any file.

if you want to copy the output of a command then you can try:

Ipconfig | Clip

where “ipconfig” is a command whose output is needed.

[su_note radius=”8″]Tip: You can Clear your Prompt screen using Clear Command i.e clr[/su_note]

4. Repair Windows corrupted file:

This command will scan all the protected files and replace corrupted files with cached that is located in a compressed folder at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.

You can Use the “SFC Scannow” command to repair windows corrupted file through Command Prompt.

sfc /scannow

5. Get Installed Driver details:

Using a driverquery command you can check all the installed drivers on your system along with their module name, display name, type, and link date.

You have to run a simple command:


6. Find wifi Password:

Now we are sharing one of the best commands which can be used at any time.

Let’s talk about netsh WLAN show profile command. This command will show you saved Wifi password in the terminal. You just have to type 2 line of command and boom you will get saved wifi password.

Open Command Prompt and run the below command:

netsh wlan show profile

Now you can see a list of user profiles (Wifi names), select the name whose password you want to know and run the below command.

netsh wlan show profile GeekyArea key=clear

You need to put the name of wifi whose password you want to know in place of GeekyArea.

After applying the above command you can see all profile information in the prompt. You need to note down the password from the Key Content field under Security Settings.

Now We Are Sharing some basic Cmd Prompt Commands Which must be remembered By every Windows user.

7. Ping Command:

Ping command is one of the most used command. They are used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol network.

This means it simply sends the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request message to the destination computer and waits for a response.

Ping x.x.x.x

where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the destination path. You can also replace x with the domain name.

Ping www.google.com (You can use this when you don’t know the IP address).

8. Tasklist Command:

Tasklist command is used to see all the background process which you usually see in the Task Manager.

You can see all the running tasks on the command prompt with PID (Process ID) which helps to close the particular task.


This command will show you the full list of processes running in the background with Memory usage.

Now to kill the particular task you can use:

taskkill /PID 3248

(3248 is the process id, you have to use your own PID that you want to kill).

9. nslookup Command:

Through nslookup command, you can find the IP address of any website. Earlier you have to put a domain name when you don’t have the IP but with nslookup you can get the IP address of any domain name. nslookup can also be used to find the IP address of the Email server.

Check the below syntax:

nslookup (press enter)

set type=max (press enter)

example.com (press enter)

After performing all the above commands, you can see the Ip address of the website mail server.

e.g., nslookup www.facebook.com

10. Watch Star Wars in Command Prompt:

This is the coolest command tricks. You will be amazed when you will try this ASCII version of Star Wars.
Simply follow the steps to watch Star Wars inside cmd windows.

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

star-wars-command If you are facing any error then enable telnet From below steps.

How to enable telnet in Windows 10:

  1.  Open Control panel.
  2.  Open Programs.
  3.  Select “Turn Windows features on or off”.
  4.  Check the Telnet Client Box.
  5.  Click ok.

After a few seconds, the Telnet client will install in the windows.

11. Hide Folder through cmd:

This command is one of the most demanding command. Many software are available to hide the System folder but there is a risk in all. If you will enable the settings “Show hidden files and folders” then they will appear on the screen.

…but not in our trick, this cmd hack will hide the folder completely.

Follow the below steps to Hide Folder:

  • Make sure which folder you want to hide.
  • Move it to any drive i.e., C, D, or E, it doesn’t matter.
  • Change directory where the folder is located (If you don’t know how to change, Check below Command prompt tricks)

Now after changing directory, type:

Attrib +h +s +r folder_name

Boom!! folder is hidden, You can check.

Now if you want to unhide folder through command prompt then type:

Attrib -h -s -r folder_name

12. cd command:

Cd command is used to change the directory. As we have shown in the above command how we hide folder using command. You can also change the disk from one to another.

Check how you can:


after that type disk name either it is C, D, E


that its directory changed to E successfully. Now you can work in E directory.

Last Word On Command Prompt Tricks:

I hope you have got enough information to set your hands in command prompt commands. You can check or run these commands in any Windows format.

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