The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Online Sports Betting 

Why Online Sports Betting Startups Need to Incorporate Cloud Computing Into Setup In 2021

We cannot doubt the amount of impact that technology has pumped on the commercial sector. The internet’s ability to connect people and store data has proven to be very useful.

Cloud computing has taken a central position in the midst of these tools. According to statistics, this tool generated a revenue of more than US$300 in 2020. The global spending on IT services so far in 2021 is more than US$ 1 trillion. Cloud computing is a smart choice for the online gambling industry in this era.

A good investment for any commercial enterprise will be to increase profits and cut down costs in the long run. If you have plans to set up your commercial betting enterprise, include cloud computing into your business. The underlying features and functionalities of a cloud-based business can see you up for progress you didn’t imagine.

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Online Betting Startups In 2021

It Will Save Unnecessary Expenses for Sportsbooks

You don’t need to deploy software and hardware resources for a computer server. Cloud computing means that a professional cloud service company will provide computing services for you from a remote location. The essence of cloud computing services is to save costs.

There are optimum pricing packages and management cost reduction models that can save money instead of IT infrastructure deployment. You will only pay for the amount of computing service that you consume. That means substituting capital expense for the variable cost.

Cloud Computing Favors Remote Operations

In 2020, most companies and online betting enterprises all over the globe shut down their workstations. A large fraction of workers started working from home. The remote working culture has moved into 2021. Cloud computing can provide a virtual system for your employees to work smoothly.

People can get consistent and speedy access to corporate data from home. It also allows people to stay productive because they can balance the working experience and home living experience. Cloud computing services can also help your working staff to always be on the go.

It could be that extra force you need during an emergency situation and long-distance commuting. Cloud computing services can create that loop to constantly connect your employees no matter the physical distance.

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It Provides Secure and Efficient Cybersecurity Function

In 2020, there were over 30,000 cybersecurity breaches. A cloud-based service provides more security than a traditional IT setup. It is not easy to predict a potential disaster. Such a model will ensure a swift response in the case of a disaster.

It will perform data recovery fast to help you to resume normal business activities. Since most businesses are expanding at an unbelievable rate, an increasing wave of cyberattacks is looming. It could be a hacking intent, human mistake, software failure, or hardware malfunction.

These factors can take a big toll on your company’s progress. If you lose access to important data and critical networks, it can spell disaster in the short and long run. The possible consequences are productivity and revenue reduction.

Efficient Cybersecurity

Efficient Customer Structure and Support Channels

If you are working with your own IT infrastructure, there is a big chance that you will need to troubleshoot some niggling problems. A good cloud computing service provider can help you. They have support channels to keep you on the right track.

Most cloud service providers provide in-depth documentation to help people to maintain their technological tools at zero or low cost. These companies also have online forums that contain many IT experts and professionals.

These people are always ready to share their ideas, experience, and solutions. If you join this kind of community, you have access to tutorials, conference invitations, blogs, and resources. If you join a cloud service provider’s premium plans, you can have access to:

  • Live chat and video communication support.
  • Connection to an accountability manager
  • 24/7 access to human operators available for questions and answers.
  • Support APIs

Cloud Computing

Top Cloud Computing Service Providers In 2021

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services AWS is used by millions of customers all over the globe. Since its launch in 2002, the company has provided web-based services in several centers across the globe. Cloud security has been a prime priority in all their services.

The company also offers professional, associate, specialty, and foundational certifications to people who show interest. Some of their services include:

  • Relational database management
  • Simple queue service
  • Elastic compute cloud
  • AWS key management service
  • Virtual private cloud

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has been at the forefront of the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud services you can employ in 2021. The three domains within which they operate are Intelligent cloud, personal computing, and business & productivity processes. Microsoft Azure offers the following services and more.

  • Database management and data analytics
  • Mobile networking services
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • DevOps
  • Cloud storage services

Evelyn Bayton is an active blogger and researcher who follows up on the latest technological trends.

Google Cloud

Good Cloud is another secure cloud computing service platform. Google LLC launched the company in April 2008. The company had a revenue of over US$13 million in 2020. Google Cloud’s products are based on artificial intelligence, swift computing capability, virtualization, and database management.

Some of Google Cloud’s notable services include:

  • Serverless computing
  • Database management tools
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid services
  • Media and gaming
  • Data analytics and API management


As a business owner, you should seek to integrate external cloud computing services into your business. It will help you to stay above the competition. The opportunities and benefits are almost limitless. You won’t need to expend extra financial resources on installing a personal server and software system.

There are several global cloud computing service providers like Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Salesforce, Google cloud, and IBM cloud. If you have not started using their services, consider doing so today. They will provide the driving force that your enterprise needs.

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