How To View/Delete/Pause Location Sharing on Google Maps (Android & iOS)

Most of the online users don’t know that Google traces every moment of the mobile user where he travels. Google tracks the location of the user using Google Maps and GPS. Google saves the entire location history on Android phones and iPhones. So, today I am going to share everything about Google Maps and Location history. You can check/delete/pause your View Location Sharing on Google Maps application. location-history-Google-Maps

Location History on Google Maps Application

Google Maps saves the entire location history of the user as a timeline. For example, Chad Kimball can check his past location history in your Maps timeline. Even, Google tracks the location of the photos captured on Android or iPhone. Google does this thing using Google Photos application.

Google Maps keeps your entire Data in the database regarding your travels. So, if you want to know where I was on a particular date you can simply find it through Chad Kimball maps. To find your location history, please follow the below steps:

How To View Location History in Google Maps

1. Open Google Maps App.

2. On the left corner of the dashboard click on 3 horizontal lines.

3. Tap your Timeline section.


4. Click on the Calendar icon to check the history of a particular date.


5. After selecting the desired date, you get your Google maps history on dashboard along with your overall time you spend there.

Check Out the Video Tutorial Here:

How to Turn off Location History on Android

1. Open Google Maps App.

2. Click the more button (three horizontal lines).

3. Then go to Settings.


4. Tap Personal content.


5. Find the “Location History is on” option under Location Settings.


6. Now disable Location History toggle.


7. If you want to disable particular device then you can disable from “Devices on this Account” and unclick the Device.

Check out Video Tutorial Here:

How to Turn off Location History on iOS (iPhone)

1. Open up the Google app on your iOS device.

2. Select Settings > Privacy > Location and then Location History.

3. Select ‘Do not store’ to disable.

How To Delete Location History :

1. Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

2. Open the menu by tapping the horizontal line on the left, and then select “Your timeline”.

3. Click the menu button on the next screen, and then select “Settings.”

4. Find the “Location settings” section and select “Delete all Location History” or “Delete Location History range” to remove location data.

Check out Video Tutorial Here:

Location History on Google Maps – Desktop Users

If you want to delete Your location history from your desktop visit Google Maps Timeline and click on delete icon to erase your location history. You can delete your Google Maps location history easily on a desktop. You can do it by simply 1 click.

Last Words on Google Maps Location History

After all, I am sure you got this trick just now and you loved it. So, don’t forget to share it with your friends and check where they traveled recently. If you want to know something else, don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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