Overview for 2021 is a group of companies that was founded by Viktor Prokopenya engaging in investment trading and serves as a broker for traders, which is owned by Capital Com SV Investments Limited. The company was started with the main mindset that there should be no barriers in financial trading. basically works with the concept of making complete use of technology to provide investment trading. And build new standards of trading far beyond that of traditional trading. overview for 2021

It mainly operates through its mobile application as well as the web. The company is serving more than two million customers in about 183 countries and offers the trading experience to its customers in over 4000 world-renowned markets. The company not only provides impeccable facilities in trading but also is keen on promoting and providing education on investment trading. currently allows its clients to trade in over 3648 shares, 205 cryptocurrencies, 138 forex, 23 indices, and 19 commodities.

 If we come to counting the brownie points of trading with, and overview for 2021 then the list could be quite long. The broker company has set straight goals of providing fair and transparent pricing, education, and cutting-edge technology. It is providing its 788,000 people with all the best features they can offer to give a simple, easy and comfortable trading experience all the while trying to avoid maximum loss. Pros of are listed below:

  • Safe and Secure:

As we are aware that there may be cases of cybercrime on online trading. Well, is a well-known and award-winning platform for investment trading that gives you a sense of security. All the transactions are operated safely. It is a genuine company that is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Funds safety:

Unlike other common brokers, has an organized form of managing finances. They handle their clients’ capital separately from their operational finances to avoid financial mess. They have some of the biggest money managers of Europe as their partners to store customers’ funds in segregated bank accounts.

  •  Protection:

You can trade with free mind without worrying about your loss as provides a facility of compensating the customers through its Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Investments compensation Fund under regulatory provisions of the UK of course with given conditions. They have also implemented negative balance protection and margin closeouts to secure your money and assure you not to lose more than you invested.

  • Financial Analysis:

You need a moderate amount of knowledge and the latest price trends to make a profitable trade. has the feature of providing reliable and in-depth analytical trends. They have advanced technical tools to give accurate price charts so as to identify maximum trading opportunities and the latest market trends. You can easily access their high-tech trading charts and unerring technical indicators to make the right judgment on entering and exiting trades. You can choose exhaustive drawing tools from 70 technical analysis indicators to discover the correct trend points for your next profit opportunity.

  • Risk Management:

Investing in trade comes with its risk as well. You would surely like to avoid that as much as you can. And has covered that risk for you. They offer you effective risk management tools in their services. You can control the limit of your risks and secure your profits with stop losses and unforeseen price swings. This broker gives you the facility to always stay flexible with your CFDs hence hedging your positions in the same market.

  • Regular updates: is very up-trend informative. You can get regular live updates and price alerts with the real-time trading experience. You get immediate notifications on your app during important market changes if you set the needed price level. They give regular market updates and accurate quotes with instant push notifications so that you don’t miss any trading opportunities.

  • Minimum deposit:

The broker company offers a very friendly environment for its customers. They welcome new traders with a minimum deposit of just 20 dollars and a minimum withdrawal of 50 dollars. This is beneficial for those small investors who are beginners in trading and can learn freely with their low minimum trade size.

  • Educational content: does give the best support in education to new investors and traders. They offer a wide range of educational courses for free with materials to its users. You can get the latest news on financial markets with their rich info trading videos and trading webinars to improve your skills in learning. They also provide customer support through live chat. 

Generally speaking, gives the best that you can get as a trader with its AI technology-enhanced analytical trading tools and user-friendly interface. The company has given a deep acknowledgment of customers’ views and concerns while building its services. 

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