How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Account

How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Account

You can cancel Linkedin Premium on the computer, but you cannot do it on your mobile phone.

For anyone who has a Linkedin Premium subscription, Linkedin allows having a number of features like unlimited email messaging with Linkedin users. You can think that a free account can work well to find some great career opportunities but Linkedin Premium works better than  Linkedin free account, it gives you wonderful opportunities for your better future. It also makes you get connected with the people who are not in your personal network. And also give access to online professional courses.

On the other side the subscription price of Linkedin Premium $29.99 per month. So it’s better to take a subscription when you are active in Job hunting. After you get any job or if the subscription period is completed, then if you want to cancel the Linkedin Premium here is the information on how to cancel.

How to cancel Linkedin Premium

If you cancel your Linkedin Premium account subscription and back to a free account, you don’t need to worry about the data like your profile, connections, etc. that will remain still. Data will not disappear.

If you also want to cancel the free trial account and want to end it? Canceling the free trial account, you will not be eligible for another free tail account for 1 year.

If you are going to cancel the Linkedin Premium Subscription, note that you will lose access to premium features like  Linkedin pages, InMail, Premium insights for job openings. And you can’t see the list who viewed your profile.

Steps to cancel your Premium Subscription

Step1 – Click on the ‘Me’ icon which is located at the top of the Linkedin page.

Step2 – Under the drop-down, you find Premium Subscription settings.

Step3 – Click on cancel subscription which you find under Manage Premium Subscription.

Step4 – Click continues to cancel the Subscription.

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