How to Bulk Unfollow Instagram Followers – Best, Safe and Secure Methods

Unfollowing each Instagram user is so irritating and the official Instagram doesn’t have any handy tool for bulk unfollow Instagram users or mass unfollow for Instagram followers.

So here comes some handy application and tools which make the work easier. Using these apps and tools you can easily and in mass unfollow Instagram users who don’t follow you. But for Windows, Mac or Linux users, some scripts are available, about which we have provided details below.

Bulk Unfollow Instagram on Android

Many apps are available on the Play Store and most of them don’t work, but we have made your work easy. We have the best app to bulk unfollow Instagram apps and their details are given below.

Unfollow for Instagram – Android – Bulk unfollow

bulk unfollow instagram

This apps simply finds out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram and provides a list of it. You can unfollow single users or bulk unfollow.

Features of the app:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Simple user interface.
  3. Unfollow each person
  4. Bulk unfollow with a single tap

Download the Unfollow for Instagram from searching in play store or click here to download.

After getting the app installed on your Android phone, you will get the following options as shown in the below screenshot


1. Non-Followers: Gives the list of users who you follow but they do not follow you.

2. Mutual Followers: Users who follow you and you follow them.

3. Fans: People you don’t follow but they follow you.

Sign in to your Instagram account and use the options. You can unfollow 50 people at a time by using any option and you need to wait 30 mins once you unfollow 50 people and after that, it is the same 30 mins rule for every 50 unfollows.

You can clone app and unfollow continuously but it will ban your Instagram account as the Instagram algorithm catches that activity.



There are plenty of similar apps that are available in the Play store and on 3rd party sites and they work the same. Just log in using your Instagram credentials and unfollow users using the app.

Did you know you can turn off active on Instagram? Well if you don’t the checkout this “How to turn off active on Instagram or Hide online status

Bulk Unfollow Instagram on Windows or Mac

To use this method you may use Google Chrome or any browser which supports console activity. We prefer and suggest you Google Chrome as the key combination will not be the same on the other browsers.

Here you don’t get any options to unfollow those who do not follow you or mutual followers etc, it’s better to use any android emulator and use the above app as you can unfollow specific users.

  1. Open the Google Chrome and visit Instagram official site
  2. Log in to your Instagram account and click on the profile.
  3. Once you are on your profile tab just follow the next steps.
  4. mass-unfollow-instagram-followers-android-iphone-windows
  5. Now press the following keys depending upon your operating system
    • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + J
    • Mac: CMD + OPT + J
    • bulk-unfollow-instagram-premium-apk-download-windows
  6. This will open the console window just like the above screenshot.
  7. Now paste the following code in the console window and press enter code:
    var jq = document.createElement(‘script’);
    jq.src = “//”;
  8. unfollow-bulk-instagram-windows-iphone-android-apk-download
  9. Now you might get an error text just like above screenshot, don’t worry just paste the following code in the console and press enter.code:
  10. window.setInterval(function(){
    var x = 0;
    if(x==3) return false;
    $(‘._4gt3b’).scrollTop($(‘._4gt3b’)[0].scrollHeight); console.log(‘loop’);
    }, 1000);
  11. instagram-unfollow-premium-apk-download-bulk-mass
  12. Close the console once the process gets completed.

The last words on Bulk unfollow Instagram

We have seen some users complaining, that their Instagram account got banned for no reason. To avoid getting banned by Instagram do not use these tools continuously which will get caught by the Instagram algorithm.

After unfollowing, 30-40 users just give some time gap of at least a couple of hours, this will prevent your account from getting caught by the Instagram algorithm. Although we are not responsible as they might update their algorithm anytime.

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