Individually unfollowing each Instagram user is so irritating and the official Instagram doesn’t have a tool for mass unfollow or bulk unfollow for Instagram followers. So here comes some application which makes the work easier. Using these apps you can easily and in mass unfollow on Instagram. But for Windows users, some scripts are available, about which we have provided details below.


Method to Bulk Unfollow on Instagram on Android

Many apps are available on the Play Store and most of them don’t work, but we have made your work easy, we have some working Mass unfollow Instagram apps and their details are given below. Here are the best bulk unfollow apps for Instagram for free.

#1 Unfollow for Instagram for Android

Download the app from below link. Then enter your Instagram credentials and tick the Privacy Policy (If you want you can read) and log in.


After getting installed the application on your Android phone, you have following options:


1. Non-Followers: People you follow but they won’t follow you.

2. Mutual Followers: People you follow and they follow you back.

3. Fans: People you don’t follow but they follow you.

Using above 3 you can unfollow 50 people at a time and you need to wait 30 mins once you unfollow and after 30 mins you can unfollow 50 people again. 30 mins waiting is somewhat annoying but that prevents in account banning.


There are some other tools like white list using it you can avoid people getting unfollowed in mass unfollow options. Using Copy followers you can follow/request people who are following a particular user.


Similar apps are available in play store and they work the same. Just log in using your Instagram credentials and unfollow users using the app.

Method to Mass unfollow on Instagram (Windows / Mac)

To use this method you need to use Google Chrome, you download and install free if you don’t have.

  1. Open the Google Chrome and visit
  2. Login your Instagram account and click on profile.
  3. Clicking on that takes you to your profile. mass-unfollow-instagram-followers-android-iphone-windows
  4. Now press the following keys depending upon using PC OS
    • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + J
    • Mac: CMD + OPT + Jbulk-unfollow-instagram-premium-apk-download-windows
  5. This will open the console window just like below screenshot.
  6. Now paste the below code in the console window and press entercode:
    var jq = document.createElement(‘script’);
    jq.src = “//”;
  7. Now you will a red colored word like error just like below screenshot, dont worry paste the follwing code in the console and press enter.code:window.setInterval(function(){
    var x = 0;
    if(x==3) return false;
    $(‘._4gt3b’).scrollTop($(‘._4gt3b’)[0].scrollHeight); console.log(‘loop’);
    }, 1000);instagram-unfollow-premium-apk-download-bulk-mass
  8. Dont close the console or chrome until the process is completed.

The last words on Mass unfollow Instagram

We have seen some users complaining, that their Instagram account has been banned etc, some most common mistakes that users do is using these Mass unfollow Instagram tools frequently which can be caught by the Instagram algorithm. Although we are not responsible for your loss 🙂


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