Board Management Software for Nonprofits Raises $8 million

In December 2020, Boardable from Indianapolis acquired $8 million for its projects. Boardable is a well-known company that focuses on virtual Board Management Software for nonprofits. The money was received from Base10 Partners with a contribution from Boardable’s seed-stage backer, High Alpha’s Indianapolis-based investment company. It could be just a piece of business news from the past, but actually, this event indicated something more important.  

Board portal software for nonprofits

Boardable offers board management software to assist nonprofit organizations in organizing their board meetings and making their operational processes more productive. What does it mean for nonprofits in general? It started a new era for the nonprofit sector. IT companies that develop board portal software get more interest from investors as they search for new opportunities that technology hubs have underestimated in the past. Nowadays, there are a lot of tools that help charities take their boards to the next level and achieve what’s valuable, the nonprofit’s goals.

How can a board portal be helpful? 

Board portal software has numerous benefits, but which of them are the most useful for nonprofit organizations? Here is a brief list: 

  • improved communication via a virtual boardroom; 
  • calendars for important events; 
  • a paperless meeting solution for fast decision making; 
  • better document management. 

Let’s take a detailed look at these advantages to solve common issues. 

Improved communication 

Board portal software helps to prevent delays, mistakes and reduce the chance of miscommunication. While interacting via emails can be not convenient, these solutions usually offer a well-designed messaging tool for simpler and faster communication. Forget about cluttered email inbox and endless replies to your letters. There are also notifications to ensure that all board members and stakeholders are informed about updates and things that require attention. 

Calendars for event planning

Events are undoubtedly crucial for any nonprofit organization. Nonprofits usually have 2-3 big events each year, and their planning demands a lot of effort, money, and time. With the help of board portal software, it’s easy to keep all assignments in one place. Most solutions also allow creating committees for each event and organizing communication and key tasks in a more efficient way. 

A paperless meeting solution

When it comes to board meetings, they can be difficult to schedule as board members often are too busy to react to emails. With board management software, this process becomes simpler. These solutions allow organizing an online board meeting in a few clicks. 

Better document management

Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations nonprofits use these tools every day to present the results and share information. However, endless updated versions of the files can be a real pain in the neck. Board portals help to take control of this mess. They simplify the updating process and allow to inform stakeholders about all changes. Another great benefit it’s easy to track version history when needed. 

Which nonprofits can use virtual board software? 

Board software can be utilized in many industries, including commercial and non-commercial organizations. Speaking of nonprofits, this list includes parties from various sectors: health, education, arts, and culture. 

Health nonprofits 

Health charities play a huge role in modern society. They concentrate on scientific research to find a cure for diseases, working really hard to help patients worldwide. Board software encourages them to focus on what really matters, and get more free time for their primary tasks. A first-rate board portal has the potential to be the pulse of the Board of Directors when necessary. 


Education is our future, so education charities work hard to guarantee that everyone is getting a high-quality education on every level: from schools to universities. Whether the organization is concentrated on the education system or scholarships and financial support, board management platforms can help it handle audits, organize reporting, and schedule meetings with ease. 

Art & culture 

Art & culture nonprofits work to keep culture alive. Often with various locations (exhibit galleries, performance studios, and foundations), it can be challenging to keep necessary records accessible and shared with the right board members. One of the biggest advantages of advanced board portals is that they are easy to use, even for the most conservative non-tech savvy people. 

Wrapping things up 

Running a non-profit organization is a very notable mission, but it comes with a wide array of challenges. Gathering the right people in one place (even online), event planning, document management can be time-consuming and difficult. In this case, board software comes to play. It helps improve communication, organize events, and share documents in a virtual environment without any troubles. And for charities of any type, it delivers various benefits, including affordable price offerings, user-friendly design, and good functionality. 

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