Biggest Technological Advancements That Changed the NBA

Biggest Technological Advancements That Changed the NBA

Technological advancements revolutionized the world, and sometimes we don’t recognize the changes that happened over the years thanks to new innovative solutions. Technology has impacted every industry on the planet tech giants are working around the clock into designing new solutions that will save lives, use natural resources more efficiently, and make the world a better place. Below in this article, we will cover the Biggest Technological Advancements that Changed the NBA.

Biggest Technological Advancements That Changed the NBA
Biggest Technological Advancements That Changed the NBA

In today’s article, we will focus on technology that is currently present in sports, specifically in the NBA. There were small technological changes that might seem unnoticeable that shaped the sport into what it is today.

Let’s find out some of the technological advancements that changed the NBA.

Sports VU Cameras

Adding new sport VU cameras in every NBA arena revolutionized the sport and the way we are experiencing it on the small screens. The days are gone when players are analysed simply on rebounds, points, assist, blocks, and steals. 

Now we have the biggest statistic provided by the latest cameras that can give us more data about the match. 

Now we can see from where those points were scored and whether a rebound was contested or how many points a player-generated with his assist. Additionally, this data is uploaded publicly to where you can find and analyse the form of every player on the court.

Use of Big Data

As we can see, cameras and other sensors provide us with valuable data that is very useful for improving user experience, as well as point out things that athletes need to improve on. However, the gathered data will be useless if we don’t have software to read it and analyse it.

The use of big data revolutionized NBA games in many ways. Now players are able to experience and compare NBA teams by analysing their previous results and possibly improve their decision when it comes to placing a bet on an NBA match. 

At the same time, data can be used to improve athlete’s performance and that’s how websites like TwinSpires Edge get player’s data to write articles like this:

Thanks to technology, we can now compare data using the live tracking software in real-time. This means there is no data processing time and all the information is available instantly. A prominent Big Data Course will make you understand the backend process of these live tracking methods and enable you to deploy your own Big Data model

On-Demand Viewing

Back in the days, NBA matches were only available on national networks, which were not available in certain parts of the world. Nowadays, there is plenty of online streaming network that follow all NBA sports matches and they are available for viewing every time you want. 

Now fans have access to season-long subscriptions which allows them to watch all the games of their favorite team for less than the price of a movie ticket.

Wearable Technology

Smart wearable technology started almost a decade ago and it is a must-have option for every athlete nowadays. Wearable technology provides valuable data for the athlete during and after the game. It can measure different things from heart rate to player motion or pace, and track the in-game progress.

Using wearable technology, NBA is much safer than a decade ago. Now the medical team can prevent injuries by analysing the data gathered from the wearable technology, and the trainer can get the most out of the athlete.

Social Media

The impact of social media on sports is huge, but we don’t usually see it in that way. For example, fans now can interact better with athletes or NBA teams which improves the overall experience for both parties. 

NBA teams can become more popular using social media channels and interact better with their fans which are the most important aspect of the sport. The truth is NBA would be nothing without the people watching the sport, which is why it is important to establish relationships with fans on social media platforms. After all, that is where a significant part of the team income comes from.

Additionally, social media is a big promotion medium for NBA matches. During an NBA game, there are scores of people that are live-tweeting the contest. This helps such events to reach more eyes and ears much faster than before.

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