4 best ways to how to zoom in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game that is developed by Mojang. It is one of the popular gaming titles on various platforms. This is a game you can build your own world. If you explore more you can find many new elements which are used to build your Minecraft world in different ways. Here in this game, there are enemies who are waiting to destroy your world. So you have to defend your base from enemies.

Here the game itself includes smashing objects by enemies and making more complicated products. So here you need to zoom on a variety of scenes for better use of blocks and resources. If you are recently started playing this game and you are wondering how to zoom on special objects that are hard to see in normal view don’t worry. Here we are showing the four best ways to use zoom in Minecraft with or without mods.

Minecraft Game

1. Zoom in Using Low Field Of View


In the game Minecraft, you can adjust your field of view and FOV to change what’s visible on the screen. If the value of FOV is greater the more clearly you see from your perspective. If you want to get a zoomed-in view of your world then select a lower FOV value. Follow the below steps to select a lower FOV value.

Step1: When you are inside the Minecraft window press the Esc button on the keyboard for the game menu.

Step2: Inside the Game menu you will find Options Box, tap on Options Box.

Step3: You can change the position of FOV on the screen by moving the device. You will find the lesser details if you slide FOV to the left.

Step4: On the bottom of the Options window you will find the Done button, click on that to save changes. Then press “Back to Game” after you set the FOV value.

If you follow all the steps, your Minecraft window will be zoomed now.

2.Use Optifine Mod.

It is quite difficult or complicated to install mods on Minecraft if it is your first time. But by adding mod on Minecraft for zooming purposes is the most convenient for zoom in and out on the game. If you don’t have any idea don’t worry we are here to guide you. Follow the steps below to install the Optifine mod on your game.

Step1: First you have to download the Java SE Development Kit installer on your personal computer. After the completion of the download open the installer and follow the prompts which appear on the screen to add the program to your personal computer.

Step2: After the installation process of Java SE is done, then download Optifine.

Step3: After the downloading process is done, repeat the same process follow the on-screen prompts to install Optifine on your pc.

After completion of the whole process open Minecraft launcher and choose Optifine world.

3.Zoom in Minecraft Using macOS Accessibility Option

By using the accessibility settings of macOS you can make more zooming options while adjusting your FOV. Here you can access the Minecraft window by manually zooming in and out.

Step1: At the bottom of the dock you will find system preferences, activate them.

Step2: Tap on Accessibility.

Step3:click Zoom which appears on the left side of the bar and by using zooming modifier keys check the use scroll gesture.

Step4: Press the down arrow which is next to the box to modify the alteration key and pick any modifier key that you like: Control key, Command key, or Option key.

Step5: Go to the Minecraft window adjust the modifier key up or down on the screen to zoom in and out.

4.Use Zoom-Out maps

Before using Zoom functionality, you have to use maps for navigating inside Minecraft. While playing in survival mode or with other players, maps play a key role to see your surroundings and prevent you from getting out of the game. It also helps to defend your home when needed.

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