5 Best PPSSPP Games for Android 2020 – Download PPSSPP Games Apk

PSP, one of the gamer’s paradise, soon after smartphones the craze of PSP has been gradually decreased. But some of us still love to play PSP or PPSSPP games. So we have made a list of addictive and Best PPSSPP Games for Android. Here we are also writing about PPSSPP emulators for Android and PPSSPP games apk as well.


You can play these games on your PSP or even on your smartphone by using the PPSSPP emulator. You can also check out our other Android posts.

5 Best PPSSPP Games for Android 2020

1. Tekken 6 – Best PPSSPP games for Android

Tekken 6 Best ppsspp games

It is a game that every true gamer has played at least once in their entire life. Tekken 6 is an addictive game that was released some years ago. Within some period of its release, it has become a popular and addictive game, and still, people are loving it.

The latest update doesn’t have Vulkan support, but in the future, it may support Vulkan. We recommend you to try out this game. You don’t need any console for it, you can play it on your android smartphone.

2. Call Of Duty

best ppsspp games for android

Call of Duty! It’s not just a game, it is an emotion. Every shooting game lover’s favorite game. In COD game, we have to act as a soldier and fight in a war to save our country.

It is an FPP shooting game (first-person perspective game). Along with fighting in the war, we need to complete the missions also. Our enemies are German forces, they will try to conquer our country and we need to fight and defeat them during World War 2.

We need to just download it on our smartphone and then you can enjoy the game using the PPSSPP emulator installed on our smartphone.

3. GOD of War: Ghost of Sparta

god of war ppsspp game for android

God of War: Ghost of Sparta game the lead character name is Thanatos. His aim is to kill God of death, to reach God of Death he needs to fight with a lot of enemies. During the journey of the game, you will get a friend named Deimos. So this makes the game more interesting and addictive. Its graphics are topnotch. GOD of War is one of the best PPSSPP games, you just need to download the file and you can play it on your smartphone using the PPSSPP emulator.

4. FIFA 14

fifa best ppsspp games android

Soccer fans! You will love this FIFA 14 game, one of the best PPSSPP games. FIFA 14 is available for all devices and also available on the PSP console. No internet? You can play this game offline or online.

If you are playing offline then you need to play with virtual players (You vs CPU), if you are playing online then your opponents and your teammates will be real players (You vs Human). You need just download the FIFA 14 file you can play on your PSP or on your smartphone using the PPSSPP emulator.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

gta ppsspp android

GTA! Not just a game, it is life. It gives a fun that no game can provide. GTA Liberty City Stories was the first game that was released by GTA Team for the PSP consoles. I loved to play the GTA 3 on my computer, if you are also a GTA lover like me, then I will definitely recommend you to give it a try on your PSP or PPSSPP.

I think there is no need to tell about this game but some of us don’t know the storyline of this game. The lead character of this game wants to own everything under the name of the Leone family. Give it a try, I am sure that you will fall in love while playing this on your smartphone.

Final Words before signing off

If this post has helped you then you can share it with your friends and don’t forget to like our Facebook page GeekyArea. At last, these are the best PPSSPP games that you will feel mad about to play these games on your smartphone. If you want any games to be in our top 5 list or any suggestion on any PPSSPP games, then you can comment below or contact us on our Facebook page.

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