6 Best Online Learning Platforms

Learning Platforms: Are you also one of those students who are attracted more by digital display than books? If yes, then this article is for you guys. There are so many online smart learning platforms, with the help of which you can make your study interesting. If you are thinking something innovative then using the digital platform you can show it to the world. Let us learn about some learning platforms that not only help you in learning new things but you can improve your skills also using these tools.


6 Best Online Learning Platforms

Here is the list of best and most commonly used learning platforms that are going to change your learning methods.

1. Flipgrid

This is a great platform for students who want to share their ideas with others. It has a video response feature with the help of which students can record 5-minute videos, and then share it using favorite emoji and photos. It encourages students to share their ideas.


This increases the enthusiasm of students towards new things. The best thing is that the app can be used by PreK to Ph.D. students, educators, and families around the world. make your online learning experience manageable

Students can make your online learning experience manageable also discuss classroom topics here. At the same time, there is a great scope to learn from other stories and work. The app is available for both Android as well as iOS users.

2. Padlet

Padlet is like a virtual wall. It is like paper for your screen where students can upload the file, links of projects, text, music, photo, etc., and can prepare a digital portfolio. Here content can be organized in many formats. You can organize things and play the same on different devices.


Editing things is also easy here. Students can ask queries related to their subjects and post their homework. This can be used by Android, iOS as well as web users.

3. Queeky

If you are fond of painting or you have joined the art classes then Queeky can be a good online tool for you. You can give a different look to your artwork here. You can see in QueekyPlayer that how an art can be prepared easily. This is a drawing app that supports SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics).


Here you can learn drawing as well as can upload an image and give it a different look and feel. QueekyPaint, SpeedPaint, MultiDraw, PixelShapes, etc. options are available here. Overall it is a good app to learn drawing.

4. Stampsy

Stampsy is a place to share, curate, and discovers visual content that tells a story. If you complete your assignments using only text, then it is obvious that the teacher will not be impressed. Stampsy can be a new way to tell your story. With the help of this tool, students can tell their stories using text and images in a very different way.

A good visual presentation with wonderful photos will surely impress your teacher. To use the tool you need to go to its official site and sign up there.

5. Glogster

This tool helps to show subject-related information in a visual manner. Gloster can also be regarded as an interactive web poster. It gives you the facility to prepare educational multimedia content. You can combine image, text, graphics, audio, and video with your content. This way you can give your content a new look of digital canvas.

Here you can get Department of education templates, as well as information and templates related to Maths, Social Studies, and Science. Students and teachers from more than 200 countries are connected with this learning platform. It has its app available for iOS users.

6. Treehouse

Nowadays the craze of learning coding is increasing even among school children. Treehouse is a good platform to learn to code. The courses here are project-oriented rather than language-oriented. Students can learn here how to make websites and applications.

Website course includes the facility to learn languages related to a responsive website, interactive website, WordPress theme, etc. HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, Database, etc. can be learned via Treehouse. Courses are distributed in stages and modules. It has free as well as subscription-based courses.

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Final Words on Best Learning Platforms over the Internet

This is the list of some learning platforms we have created for you. When choosing between the best Technology platforms, you must first decide the features that are right for you. So guys again have a look and choose the best online tool that will serve your needs. If you are using some other good online tool for study purposes then please tell us its name in the comment section below.

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