10 Best Free Beat Making Software 2020 (Windows and Mac)

Music is a popular form of entertainment that can relax the mind, energize the body, and help people to manage pain. If you are also passionate about music and are looking to compose some beats but don’t have enough skills or resources, then you can go for Best Free Beat Making Software for Mac and Windows that can help you to create
soulful music.


Best Free Beat Making Software for Mac & Windows [2020]

We are providing a list of Best and Free Beat Making Software that will help you to understand how to mix and make your beats. You can create your own beats, edit current beats and also you can compose beats for any type of music you love. So, there are free and premium version also listed.

Have you ever searched for the best free beat maker or best beat making software on Google.com? If yes, we are here to help to get beat making apps for mac for free and you can download this type of software as simple as opening a website.

1. FL STUDIO – Best Beat Maker for Mac


FL Studio is the number 1 beat making software for Mac especially for beginners as well as professionals. This beat maker software for mac is available for free. There are many inbuilt features available which help in composing high-quality music.

You can easily create, edit, and record any music or mix the record tunes included in the software.

FL Studio is available for both Windows and Mac. It comes in a 32-bit and 64-bit variant. It has a simple and easy to use interface. So if you are a beginner, then FL Studio is the best choice for you.

2. Drumflow – Best Free Beat Maker Software for Mac

Drumflow is another beat making software for Mac. Drumflow is also a good beat creator and beat production software for beginners. It is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. It includes a wide array of sample files that you can use to get inspiration and make excellent music.


Apart from making music, you can adjust the pitch and tone of the music also. You can save these files in any music files. You can download this free beat maker for mac from its official website. You can also create your own ringtone for your smartphone.

3. Garageband


Garageband is another best beat making software, and it is designed for Mac. Garageband is a beginner’s friendly software that provides smart instruments to create music quickly.
Garageband provides a wide range of features for beginners and professionals with MIDI and real instrument recording. If you want to give a tutorial to your friend simply record your screen.

The tool includes many sample instruments that allow users to learn to play musical instruments such as guitar, keyboard, etc. while composing music. Moreover,
you can save files in the various format that are created in Garageband.

4. MuseScore


MuseScore is also one of the best and free Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac. The software has a straightforward and user-friendly interface and almost all essential features that allow users to create ultimate music. Musescore work for both the Operating system (Windows and MAC) With this tool, you can edit tracks, and add several effects.

You can export music in multiple formats including FLAC, .ogg, .wav, etc.

This software is available for free to download for Mac as well as for Windows7,8 and 10 operating systems. Musescore also provides free tutorial video which is available on the official youtube channel you can learn more about software.

5. Ordrumbox


Ordrumbox is a free drum machine and beat maker software for Windows and Mac. It allows you to compose bass lines, melodic patterns, and complete songs.

It comes with excellent and advanced features including auto-composition, polyrhythms, custom softsynths, custom arpeggiator, etc. There is also an audio mixer to
control pitch, volume, pano, and solo/mute tracks.

6. MAGIX music maker


Now this beat making software is one of the famous software for Windows 7,8 and 10 operating systems. You can modify the sound with the help of bass, noise extortion feature available prebuilt in these features.

This software became more popular between beat makers just because of advanced features and User interface.

In spite of this, this software doesn’t require maximum system requirements you can use this software with 2GB RAM and 2GHz processor.

Isn’t it cool?

As a Bonus MAGIX music maker also provide free Videos for the beginner available Exclusively on Youtube.

7. Hydrogen drum machinebeat-making-software


Hydrogen is another free beat making software for macOS, Windows and Linux users. This is not having any official website, this  is project work done by some developers?

This software provides you lots of in-built functionality through which you can create your own beats. Hydrogen supports almost every File format.

8. Musink Litebest-beat-making-software-free

Now Musink comes into the race for free beat making software. You can operate this software with the help of Mouse and Keyboard short cut keys which is interesting. But based on user reviews on the social forum, this software came with some bugs.

Musink comes with 2 variants. Music Lite is free but Music Pro came with $60 price with free updates. The free version provides Auto backups, Export MIDI, Export MIDI loops and many other cool features.

9. HammerHeadRhythm Stationbeat-making-software-free

HammerHeadRhythm Station also came in the best free beat making software list. This software comes with tons of features for beginners and professionals.

HammerHeadRhythem is only available for Windows users with in-built tunes. Now let me introduce the best feature in this, you can export and save a different variety of formats like WAV, MP3 and etc.

10. LMMSfree-beat-making-software

LMMS is an open-source beat maker software. Which is made by musicians, for musicians. LMMS comes with a simple User interface with lots of In-built features.

LMMS Interface allows you to compose, mix automate all other tasks in one place.

It is compatible with all the 3 Operating system Windows, Linux and macOS which is pretty much good. You can also save or download the file in different file formats like WAV, OGG and etc.

Final Words on Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows and macOS

So, guys, these are the Best Beat Making Software that allows you to create music and beats. You don’t need expensive musical instruments, recording theatres, and costly courses to learn music. So go through your needs and features that these software are offering and select the one that best suits your needs and here is special thanks to Softonic for images.

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