10 Benefits of Referring to NCERT Books

NCERT books are a fantastic resource for developing students’ conceptual knowledge both at the primary and secondary levels. NCERT books and solutions have a very simple and self-explanatory format to help kids efficiently learn and develop various subjects. It is a highly competent resource for students in higher grades like 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. NCERT solutions class 7 maths and science help prepare and revise effectively during exams.

These books are an efficient means to promote a students’ learnability and develop their comprehension, memory, analytical thinking, and problem-solving ability through some excellent exercises called ‘Exemplar Problems’ in Science and Mathematics. These exemplar problems can be used as question banks to prepare for examinations. They also fundamentally improve the quality of teaching and learning in many ways. Students can benefit themselves by attempting these exercises in the book for self-assessment and mastering the basic techniques of solving complex problems.

Some of the major benefits of preparing from NCERT books are as follows:

Cover all Basics

The NCERT books are designed for students with different learning abilities and levels of intelligence. These books are formulated to clarify student doubts and concepts. They also enhance the learning abilities of students through constant practice. These books contribute to providing a thorough understanding of complex topics and subjects.

In-depth Conceptual Knowledge

NCERT books cover all topics explained in detail to deliver various difficult concepts with ease. The detailed step-by-step explanation with examples makes it easy for students to understand all complex concepts. Once students gain a basic understanding of core concepts, they don’t require to cram anymore.

Encourage Self-Learning

NCERT book formulate self-learning and practice through exercises and exemplar problems provide an elaborated step-wise explanation of each topic. Students can just learn and revise the formulas, terms, and steps of execution with ease.

Comprehensive Studies

These books are a comprehensive guide to various topics covered in different subjects enabling students to learn them efficiently. By studying through these books kids can gain knowledge of all the important topics and concepts with ease.

Standardized Format

NCERT books are formulated after thorough research on various topics to provide accurate information authentically, and they are never misleading. Studying these books help students to develop the right foundational knowledge to achieve success in examinations.

Simple and Easy to Understand

NCERT books are designed holistically using very simple and easy-to-understand language by experts after thorough research to cover everything that a student needs to learn and practice.

Best for exams

All NCERT books are created in a standardized format to cover important questions, formulas, and concepts. Although there are lesser questions in these books, they efficiently cover the syllabus from an exam point of view.

Covers Syllabus

NCERT books succinctly cover the full syllabus and fundamentals of each topic in a simple and easy style. This type of clear and precise knowledge helps students to cover the entire syllabus with clear understanding quickly.

Save a Lot of Time

The simple and comprehensive format of NCERT book saves a lot of time during exam preparation. Therefore, these books are ideal for students to prepare quickly during exams.

Help to Score High

Since NCERT book are prescribed by CBSE itself, learning through them is sufficient for students to gain good marks in exams. All that a student has to do is practice all exercises and questions provided at the end of the book. It is relatively easy for students to score well through NCERT books.


NCERT books and solutions are an excellent means to learn and practice. The NCERT solutions based on these books are beneficial in preparing for various subjects like maths. Cuemath provides the best NCERT solutions and math worksheets for all grades to prepare and revise well. You can easily find some of these resources at Cuemath.com.

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