How to create better Awareness of your Website with Effective Content Marketing?

Awareness of your Website with Effective Content

Content marketing is key today and can help you create better brand awareness to drive more new customers to your website. 

It is a highly effective digital marketing tactic to reach and expand your target audience through an established platform in your industry. Having your unique content published in a renowned online magazine or news publication can increase credibility and trust for your brand plus make awareness of your website more visible. 

Follow the tips below to create brand awareness of your business and online presence with content marketing strategies that you can plan very easily with SEO and website tracking inside the SeekaPanel, where you can also easily host your website at affordable rates.  

1. Research Relevant Publications

Ensure the magazine or publication you are about to pitch to is well-respected and known in your industry and gets a lot of visitors. You can do this with free SEO tools like UberSuggest for example. For instance, if your business is based in London, you’d want to write an article about a relevant topic that is picked up by business news uk sites through press release distributions perhaps. If you contribute your content to an irrelevant magazine that does not attract the right audience, it may do more harm than good as irrelevant links and content tend to be penalized by search engines. So, plan your content marketing in smart ways. 

2. Consider the Content Guidelines

To get your guest submission approved, you need to follow content guidelines provided by the magazine editors. Be sure to check if there are writing, tone, and stylistic requirements and take them into account when curating your masterpiece. Say you want to get featured in a GB news publication, your pitched article will only make it into the publication if you show that you respect their formatting and style as they receive hundreds of pitches daily. Don’t forget their target audience and how you can present your business as uniquely as possible to them so your article will be read. It’s one thing to make it into the magazine, but it’s another to get the eyeballs you want. 

3. Write Fresh and Intriguing Content

Many publications accept guest contributions because they are after fresh, informative, and high-quality content that provides greater value to their readers. Speak confidently as an industry expert in your pitches and offer unique opinions and insights to attract more eyeballs. This will certainly make readers check out your website and background to learn more about your services or offers. Add your own or copyright free and high-quality images where applicable to make your content easily digestible. The more informative your article is, the more visitors will appreciate your contribution and begin to follow you. 

4. Give your Content you Stamp

With your guest content you are representing your business in a personalized and memorable manner. So, make your and your business’ personality shine through your content to entice the audience to learn and understand who you are and how your brand can add value to their lives. Highly personalized content with unusual twists will make your brand more memorable for the readers, especially when they are about to buy products or services like yours. 

5. Add Contextual Links Effectively

Links to business website or blog embedded in the article play a significant role in improving search engine ranks to increase the visibility of your business. When people search for related products or services and find yours on top of search engine result pages, they easily recognize your brand and are more likely to buy. To help you plan how to embed links in your guest articles strategically, you should gain some SEO knowledge with SEO courses at the SeekaHost University and use the tracker tools in the so you see which of your website’s traffic comes from where on the web and through which searches. 

Bottom Line

Being featured in different publications with unique content can help you create brand awareness for your business and website. You can spread the word about what you do in various ways, so try to think outside the box and don’t just submit content to magazines that are obvious for your niche. Surprise readers in different places online so they are more likely to share the link of the story within their circles. It enables you to get your business in front of more people who don’t even know yet that they might like your products or services. Guest articles published in larger publications can drive more web traffic and new customers to your business website, so be sure to not miss the power of content marketing. 

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold – Online Media and PR Strategist

A passionate content marketer, blogger and editor on various news magazines, Manuela also manages the PR for ClickDo and SeekaHost. She has taken a summer course at the London School of Journalism, a one-day course at the City of London University in writing for the web and is herself a course instructor at the SeekaHost University where she teaches SEO content writing.

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