Never Make These Mistakes with Your Smartphone Battery

Nowadays fire or blast in Smartphone Battery has become very common news. Recently, one news was published that Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S caught fire. Clarifying the matter, the company said that they investigated the case and it is found that the damage was due to more external forces. There is no fault of the device or the company in it.

Most of the times we make mistakes that can have a bad effect on the battery life of our phone. So we are here to let you know about some common mistakes that you should completely avoid with your smartphone.

Never make these mistakes with smartphone battery:

1. Keep your smartphone under the pillow while sleeping. It’s because by doing this, the temperature of the phone increases, as well as pressure, is also placed on it. So, there are the chances of the phone being overheated and blasting.


2. Never use a duplicate charger or adapter. This can damage the phone’s charging point and battery life.


3. Do not charge the mobile with a car charger. It would be better to use the power bank instead.


4. If your phone starts heating up, you should stop using it immediately. This will give time to the phone to enter the normal temperature.

5. Whenever you want to buy a phone battery, do not ever buy duplicate replacement batteries. Always give priority to original batteries.


6. Do not put the phone on charging all night. This can overheat the phone.


7. Never charge the smartphone by keeping it directly under sunlight. This may also cause the phone to overheat.


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8. It is better to keep your phone charged rather than do a deep charge.

9. Never charge your phone complete i.e., 100%. A battery functions best when it’s kept between 40 and 80 percent.


10. Never go to the local repair shop if you want to repair your phone. Always give priority to the official service center.

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