Affordable SEO: 5 Strategies For Creating Links – Complete Guide

Hello everyone, today we have a very important topic for bloggers, companies, and digital marketing. We are going to talk about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in this article. We are sharing the top 5 strategies for creating links for better SEO of your website or blog.

1. Google ranking criteria

Few people bother to update themselves in terms of changes in search algorithms. But it is not right, we should keep ourself updated. This will help us to orient ourselves in the direction, Google is heading. I am preparing a detonating article about Google ranking criteria. Here are some key points that will change your life. To know more check out Glamy seo service.


Google Panda is a major change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm. It eliminates low-quality sites that offer little or no value to readers and returns higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.

It also eliminates web pages that contain pages with thin content. The problem is that people usually create a page with high-quality content, hoping to rate it well. However, it contains poor content.

Sites that distribute content already published on other sites are added to the list of duplicate content. You must absolutely avoid duplicating content.

Once you understand the direction the search algorithm is heading in, you can be proactive and can avoid Google’s repressive actions. Stay on top of Google Panda Trends to know what criteria to apply when you want to implement a link-building strategy.

2. Diversity is good in everything

Thinking that eating a salad is the only way to lose weight is no different from thinking article catalogs offer only authentic links. However, if you go somewhere else and do your research, you will find some great, legitimate techniques that will support affordable SEO services.

The problem is, if you use only one method, Google may think that you are not important enough. If you manage to find a balance between several, you will be surprised by the positive impact it will cause.


i) Guest Articles

This is one of the best ways to increase affordable SEO packages.

You are currently using the traffic of well-off bloggers in your niche. As experienced bloggers become busier and busier with time, this deprives them of the ability to regularly create high-quality content.

They rely on others to create content for them. Guest Articles is a great way to represent your experience and you’ll get a link to your site.

Here are some tips for writing guest articles:

Find guest article opportunities on relevant blogs. Make sure that the content should be of high quality(will open the door to other guest items). Provide links to relevant content in the article and ensure that the links are really relevant. Contact other bloggers directly to establish a personal relationship with them. This will open other options related to guest articles, which increases the chances of backlinks, readers’ engagement, and traffic.

ii) Article catalogs

With the latest Google updates, people are wondering if catalogs still weigh. However, they are to be integrated with the link-building strategy, because if you use them correctly, they will be the biggest help for you.

Follow the same rules:
  • Publish content only in the best catalogs.
  • Publish content to only one directory at a time.
  • High-quality content.

You don’t have to focus on building links when you start writing content. Instead, look for the best content on the web. If you publish the best content, Google will automatically evaluate your site because it will provide the right solution for your readers.

You will have good results for at least two reasons:

  • First, high-quality content increases the reader’s involvement. You get more social sharing. When people have a certain tendency to share your content, you can be sure that it will increase the chances of getting backlinks from bloggers.
  • Secondly, having content of 2,000 words or more will give you more scope in your work and allow you to diversify your keyword portfolio. You will be able to increase your keyword density and even the opportunity to classify you as keywords with a long tail.

iii) Forums

People have been in contact with forums for a long time before advanced search engines such as Google was created. They are always a great way to offer solutions, and if you can create a solid profile for them, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of traffic.

Once you gain credibility, you’ll have the opportunity to have a signature, that will be placed below your forum posts. These signatures are a great sign of credibility and are even backlinks. This will generate large target traffic.

3. Materiality is important

From Google Panda, relevance finally played a very important role in building links. Google understands the importance of providing organized and relevant information to users.

The challenge is to be able to do it effectively, especially for a large number of people using manipulation strategies that have worked well in the past. In the future, creating links will have to worry even more. You should pay attention to pages that contain links to the page you are hoping for.

Consider creating links as a chain. You not only need to find a page that is relevant to you but a group of relevant pages for each other.

4. Related keywords and anchor

There are many questions about the use of content-anchored texts. Google has adopted a new strategy in which they are no longer as important as before.

Nowadays, Google also indexes related texts because people have changed the way they conduct research. They use long keywords and become more and more specific. The fact that Google combines similar phrases allows them to offer more detailed search results from various search phrases. It increases the natural delivery of content, thus improving the user experience.

What can you do?

It is time for you to exchange keywords and phrases and organize them so that they look more natural in the content. Include your targeted keywords as well as related keywords to increase the number of links.

You can use a wide range of tools that can help generate keyword variations that you target. I suggest the Google search bar (the easiest to use!). When you start entering a key phrase, Google will automatically display similar results below. You can add them to your content.

5. Don’t follow your competitors … it may hurt you

We all love competition because it allows us to remain motivated and it can offer us high-quality information. With the help of some tools, you can find the link profiles of your competitors and use them to create your own backlinks.

However, many of your competitors who have been in the field for a long time may have used Google’s penalized techniques before. With the current changes, the best thing to do is to build your own identity. If you imitate them, it can negatively affect the ranking and even block search results.

It is important to build your own brand that involves using strategies that stand out. Link building is not the first thing you can copy when your competitors inspire you. Start by testing various things, such as guest articles on relevant blogs. You can later reduce the number of sites where you publish guest articles when you want to creating links.

  • Focus on high authority websites that rank well in search results.
  • Focus on websites with above-standard permissions and domains.
  • Focus on pages that are relevant and related to your blog.
  • Only creating links from the best article catalogs.
  • Only creating links from the best forums.

Earlier, SEO was only about building links, regardless of origin, reputation or even relevance. But today, you must retouch your strategy. Pay more attention to websites where you post content or build direct links.

Keyword Rank Checker 

The relevant keywords are essential elements that play a critical role in the success of great content. You might have an idea that Google appreciates the content that is enriched with excellent keywords. Finding a keyword rank was a challenging task earlier, as you were supposed to go through all the research by yourself. However, with the invention of an online keyword rank checker, now you can find the ranking of a keyword within no time. You can also examine the quality and position of competitors’ keywords with this online facility.

You will be surprised by the number of pages that can ruin your efforts just because they have a bad profile regarding their links or because their content is not of very good quality.

Just remember that you have to see things in an original way and especially you have to do what your competitors don’t. This will allow you to build your reputation over time.

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