6 Signage Ideas for Small Retailers

Small Retailers

If you are a small business, you might already understand the importance of signage for your business. For a small business that doesn’t have much money to invest in expensive advertisement campaigns, signages are the perfect solution. The first and foremost aspect for your business is customers, and customers need information and the identity of your business.  A sign company can help you set up a marketing campaign that includes putting up signs in major parts of the community, so more people get to know about your business. This article will take you through 6 innovative signage ideas that Small Retailers business owners can use. 

Direction Signs 

You can use the direction signs within the malls and other such buildings to direct people to your store. These signs have a dual purpose and can be the perfect way of advertising your business. These are also cost-effective, which is perfect for your business. 

Digital Signs 

Digital signs are perfect for getting instant attention, which is exactly what your business is trying to achieve. These digital signs can be designed according to your business theme colors, and this will be an instant attention-getter. You can also use these digital signs for advertising for a discount offer or even a welcome discount. 

Window Graphics  

Many may disagree with these, but these never get old. A well-designed window graphic will get the customers to stop and have a look at it. You can hire a graphic artist and share your requirements to make sure everything is just as you want it to be. Adding color to your store-front is pleasing to the customer’s eye. 

Color and Contrast 

Never shy away from adding extra color to your signages. To give their signs a classic look, many people go for tones of blacks and grey, but this should be dependent on your business. If you have an ice cream parlor, for instance, it is all about color and fun. Add lots of color to your signage to attract people. 

Use Pole Signs 

By pole signs, we do not mean getting yourself a billboard along the freeway because that will cost a lot for your small business. You can choose small towns around your shop and advertise in those towns. This is where you will also find poles around to put your signs on. This is a cheap way of getting instant attention. 


A-frames are most commonly known as free-standing standees that you often find along roads if you have visited small towns. People usually place these standees outside their stores. These usually have the store’s message, their timings, or any offers they might be offering. These are easy to move around, so if you are having an exhibition somewhere, take these with you. 

Advertising means for a large business are numerous, but if you are a small business your resources are limited and you have to be mindful of each buck you spend. These ideas will help you in making signages that get instant attention to your business.

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